Jacqueline Winstanley Nominated for the Women's Business Award

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UI AwardNomineeJacqueline Winstanley FRSA is nominated for The Women’s Business Awards 2020. 

Organised by the Women’s Business Club, the award recognises and celebrates the best businesses in the country. Winners are not selected through votes or reviews alone but by each sponsor thorough investigation.
The Business Club was set up in 2013 by Angela De Souza and attracts high calibre, real women who are determined to be all they can be while enjoying the journey and being an inspiration to others. From the very first event in January 2013 to today, the club has stayed true to its calling to serve business women and supporting them in their growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership.
Jacqueline is delighted with the nomination and said, 'It is an honour to be recognised and nominated among such inspiring women. The vision behind the awards is to empower businesswomen to achieve more in their work and home life by unleashing their full potential from the inside out. This is perfectly aligned with our ethos at Universal Inclusion, where I believe that there should be equal access to life's opportunities. Such awards bring our work to a larger audience and for that I am delighted to accept the nomination.'



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Farrer & Co launch game-changing report 'Women in Sport'​

Farrer & Co launch game-changing report 'Women in Sport'​

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Opening up Farrer & Co's Women in Sport Report that I contributed to brought back many memories and a certain level of irony as I looked back on the journey travelled since I set up one of the first inclusive play and childcare schemes in the country: Kidscore.

One of the key inclusive activities we embraced was Bolton Wanderer’s Football in the Community Summer School, as I believed then  - as I do now - in the enormous capacity of sport to break through barriers, create lasting friendships and develop excellence within the game.

Whilst this was at the time when inequalities within the game were even more visible than they are now at all levels of the sport, the Summer Activities saw young people of all ages, gender and abilities, playing side by side as the ethos within the setting extended throughout the opportunity to sample and gain new footballing skills, alongside a tour of the stadium and meet with some of their footballing heroes.

Winstanley Sports Medic

It was an incredible thing to see and something I am immensely proud of. The Inclusion Blueprint I developed within the organisation at that time underpins all of my work to date.

I had no idea at the time and could have never imagined that I would one day be speaking about my work at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

It was such fun watching the young people, including my own children, grow up with a love of the game which has stayed with them through into adulthood.

My daughter went on to play for ‘Bolton Wanderer’s Ladies’ as they were known then and is now a Sports Medicine Doctor.

The images from those times filled my mind today as I was reading the report, as if it was yesterday.  I can remember pretty much all the young people who attended the sessions, including those who are sadly no longer with us, and it fills me with a renewed sense of purpose in my work going forward.

It was an immense pleasure and honour to participate in the work Farrer & Co have undertaken as they continue to raise awareness of the inequalities that blight the sporting world, creating safe spaces to debate and share good practice on how to improve things going forward.

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The opportunity to contribute to the report came following my interview with Karen Dobres of Lewes FC, the first football club in the world to implement equal pay and conditions for a FiLiA Podcast and I am grateful to Karen for recommending me to Julian Pike.

My input to the panel and subsequent interim and final report centred around the success I have had in increasing equality of access both within and beyond the sporting arena, in particular the critical success factors when turning policy into working practice. 

On the panel in London I talked about intersectionality and equality within all aspects of the sporting arena, not just the sports people themselves on Boards. I concluded by saying, “If we could harness the same desire to win, to be the best you can be, that exists within the sporting arena and directing it to reducing inequalities, we would see the stereotypical responses to why it is not possible just fade away."

I have worked with organisations across all sectors and industries here in the UK and internationally and in all cases, there are key elements that have been critical in terms of bringing about real and sustainable change.

Organisations which adopt a holistic approach within a supportive change framework have all succeeded in becoming exemplar in this area.

The ‘Bespoke Frameworks’ I have developed enable an organisation to navigate the simple changes that are required to create inclusive working practice in a way that demystifies the whole process leaving whole teams engaged, informed and able to navigate any eventuality within a vibrant diverse organisation.

women in sport 2019

I am looking forward to further collaboration with Farrer & Co on this issue and others who are ready to embark on a journey to creating an inclusive world.

If you want to chat further about the work that I do and how we can work together going forward, please visit https://www.universalinclusion.co.uk/

Jacqueline Winstanley FRSA © 2020

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Universal Inclusion: Our Work with the Rivington Terraced Gardens

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One of my most enjoyable projects in 2019 was working alongside Dave Partington and the team at the Woodland Trust within the Rivington Terraced Gardens project.

I have such fond memories of the Gardens as a child, and it was an easy call to make in terms of lending my expertise to creating an inclusive opportunity for everyone involved in and visiting the Terraced Gardens.

If you are unfamiliar with the project, take a look at the website - it truly is a magical place: Rivington Terraced Gardens | Groundwork

You may well wonder where would one start in terms of making the vision of Lord and Lady Leverhulme on a hillside in Lancashire inclusive.

Luckily, although the core staff team is small, there is a phenomenal group of volunteers working together to bring this incredible place back life through the Heritage Lottery funding.

Our work here is in its early stages in terms of equality of access in all mediums in ways which are sensitive to the surroundings. Contrary to popular belief, people who are excluded don’t actually want to ruin the natural beauty just so that they can access it physically.

This blog will capture the journey. We want to create an inclusive experience which retains the very essence of the Terraced Gardens.

We have just completed the first round of staff training to establish the foundations for the Strategic Action Plan in relation to Diversity and Inclusion from an informed and committed perspective, which goes way beyond physical access, and there are some phenomenal plans in the pipeline. So watch this space!

We have also completed a site-mapping exercise with key members of the team. Our photo album gives you an idea of both the natural beauty and the task ahead.

The Rivington Terraced Gardens Project

IMG 2167

The most important factor I have observed throughout my work in this area, is the whole organisational support and commitment to innovation and change. Indeed, the Rivington Terraced Gardens project is overflowing with this and it’s a pleasure to work alongside them.

Follow our journey.

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Creating the Paradigm Shift in 2019

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When you make it your goal to increase equality of access to life’s opportunities, you measure your success in creating the Paradigm Shift that makes it all possible.

I am often asked, "what is it you actually do ? How do you do that?"

2019 has been incredible on so many levels, across the full range of my business portfolio.

I am honoured to have worked alongside such a diverse group of game-changers on every level, and I am in awe of the resultant innovation, particularly from our Inclusive Entrepreneurs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has helped and supported us during this last year - you have all helped to make it possible!

Rather than write a list, we have created a short clip that shoes exactly how Universal Inclusion spent 2019 in our quest for #AnInclusiveWorld

May 2020 - in amongst all the angst we are currently seeing in the world - be filled with integrity and purpose.

Jacqueline Winstanley FRSA

31st December 2019


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Media Release: Universal Inclusion Launches Digital Platform Showcasing Inclusive Entrepreneurs During An Inclusive World Event

Media Release: Universal Inclusion Launches Digital Platform Showcasing Inclusive Entrepreneurs During An Inclusive World Event

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London, December 2019.  Universal Inclusion have organised an international panel discussion and a live Q&A with Inclusive Entrepreneurs and global thought-leaders, who presented evidence to support Universal Inclusion’s Call to Action to governments and policy makers in respect of business support requirements for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. The event, which took place during November 2019 - this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Month (GEW2019) - also introduced a digital platform showcasing businesses by inclusive entrepreneurs and providing a market place for their products and services. 

Universal Inclusion is a UK-based global organisation leading the way in making the world a much more accessible place.  Pioneers and leaders in this field, they have been working in Inclusive Entrepreneurship since 2009. The organisation is led by Jacqueline Winstanley FRSA, Founder and CEO, who also heads up the  Inclusive Entrepreneurs Programme and Network,, which supports the Inclusive Entrepreneur community with mentoring, coaching and now, access to a unique marketplace.

As host and executive producer, Jacqueline opened the discussion by setting the scene with an overview of the concept of Inclusive Entrepreneurship and its importance in achieving the 2030 Agenda, the Paradigm Shift and in evidencing the commitment to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  She explained how Inclusive Entrepreneurship offers a real and sustainable alternative for people facing barriers to mainstream employment, “It is essential in creating an environment where people who face barriers to the work environment are no longer seen as tax/care burdens, but as active, participating citizens contributing to the economy. Inclusive Entrepreneurship is a global response to the changing face of the workplace, more so as economic growth continues to be from within the private, and particularly, the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sectors.”

Inclusive Entrepreneurs face challenges beyond traditional aspects of entrepreneurship, in particular access to practical in-work support, finance and innovation strands. A general lack of understanding of how people with protected characteristics navigate their working lives leads to many challenges, as the genuine intent to improve matters conflicts with the administration of these same programs.

As Jacqueline continued, “The Inclusive Entrepreneur Network provides business support which incorporates the importance of managing health and wellbeing. It includes the option to undertake a 10-session programme that supports people considering entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurs facing challenges during their own particular journey. The community showcases the incredible aspiration and achievements of people who have faced significant barriers and I am delighted that we have now also introduced the digital marketplace for their businesses to grow and thrive. Our Inclusive Entrepreneurs do not talk of pity - they talk instead about increased levels of self-esteem, reduced isolation and a renewed sense of being part of and contributing to society through innovation.” 

The event speakers were all challengers and leaders in their respective fields. Delegates were first addressed by the newly-appointed UN Global Goodwill Ambassador Carol Ann Whitehead FRSA, GGA (http://thezebrapartnership.eventbrite.com/ ) ; Helene Martin Gee, Pink Shoe Founder and President (https://pinkshoeclub.com), who spoke about Women in Enterprise, highlighting the need for a structured and aspirational approach to Inclusive Entrepreneurship; and Olivia Gallagher, T33 Wheelchair Racer and Ability Today Ambassador (https://twitter.com/olivia_t33) who gave an insight to entrepreneurship as a para-athlete, demonstrating the gender disparity within her class and reinforcing the importance of appropriate practical and financial support as an elite athlete.

Two panel discussions then further illustrated the journeys and achievements of Inclusive Entrepreneurs. The first panel included Grant Logan from Ability Today (https://abilitytoday.com), Ayesha Gavin from Ayesha Communications (www.ayeshacommunications.com), Stephen Hopwood from Swift and Sure (www.swiftandsuresct.co.uk), Lady Sharon Farley-Mason from Glamsticks (https://www.glamsticks.co.uk) and James Holt, Musician (https://twitter.com/jamesholtmusic). All highly talented and successful entrepreneurs, their inspiring journeys only served to reinforce the immense benefits to the economy and their personal health and well-being. This message was further amplified by Aaron Hornback of Horizon Health Network (https://horizonhealthnetwork.co.uk).

The second panel, with Carol Ann Whitehead, John Kiehl of SoundTrack Group (www.soundtrackgroup.com ) and Emanuel 'Manny' Perlman of Destination Peace (www.destinationpeace.org), discussed the conversations taking place at an international level, and their impact within the 2030 Agenda towards achieving the Paradigm Shift and the commitments towards the SDGs.   

As Jacqueline concluded the proceedings, she stressed the importance for the Call to Action, “We have a blueprint for Inclusive Entrepreneurship that works and the evidence to demonstrate it.  However, in order to upscale and extend its reach, we make the following recommendations to policy makers:

  • Enable the Paradigm Shift in Government Policy
  • Allow for early identification and implementation of support
  • Provide direct access to personal advisors
  • Provide training on management of support
  • Ensure there is continued support for personal care
  • Ensure the award contains support for compliance areas
  • Allow easy access to mental health support and holistic therapies
  • Ensure equity within access to finance

The Inclusive Entrepreneur Programme is an important part of Universal Inclusion’s mission to make entrepreneurship open and easily accessible to all. The Digital Platform, will provide visibility to products and services by inclusive entrepreneurs and also demonstrate the importance of Inclusive Entrepreneurship in economic growth and social change.


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