International Day Of #Peace - A Recipe for #Humanity

International Day Of #Peace - A Recipe for #Humanity

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Sustainable Development Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” calls for promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

We believe that a peaceful society is one where there is justice and equality for everyone. The onging strife and conflicts around the world are not solutions. It is only peace that will enable a sustainable environment to take shape and allow a sustainable environment taht will help promote peace.

We have a vision of the essence of humanity that is requried to bring about the changes which will lead to real and sustainable peace.

A Recipe for Humanity

Conceived in love, health and wellbeing

Placed in a warm loving place with all the nutrients you need to grow introduced to the sounds and touch of those who love you

Share the time that is needed to prepare for your arrival without the hostility,
Resentment of others and the career jeopardy of those closest to you

Born in place designed to embrace you throughout your birth
which places you and your loved ones in the safest of hands to ease your way

To embrace you in the comfort of your home with all that you require irrespective of your standing or the actions of those around you

To introduce you to the wonder of the world
and your place within its legacy

To instill in you, belief in yourself, aspirations, passion
and a determination to be the best that you can be

To prepare you for the role you have to play
in protecting the rights and lives not only of yourself but of others

To show you how to walk in ways
that leave footsteps that others would be proud to follow

To extend to you the ability
to reach out and touch the souls of others along your way.


Jacqueline Winstanley March 2014


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