Join Us on our Twitter Live Chat

Join Us on our Twitter Live Chat

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Please join us on Thursday November 14 between 2pm and 4pm for a Twitter Live Chat, accompanying our An Inclusive World Event taking place in Manchester -

This is how it works. There are 8 questions, grouped into 4 topics.

We will introduce the topics and then follow with the questions. Tag your answers with A1, A2, etc. and use the hashtag: #AIW19.

Topic A:

Conflicting criteria & guidelines in responses to the employment gap for people with protected characteristics restricts entrepreneurship, innovation and resultant contribution to GDP.

Q1: What was your experience when considering entrepreneurship?

Q2.  What, if anything, needs to change?

Topic B:

When considering how we evidence the Sustainable Development Goals, Inclusive Entrepreneurship is often restricted to the economic impact, leading to global policy and responses which fail to recognise social impact value. They also often rule out investment in this area ie within the Access to Work Award which measures business viability purely on turnover.

Q3. Have you ever been refused access to funding or support because of this approach?

Q4.  What do you think needs to change?

Topic C:

Innovation in Inclusive Entrepreneurship often fall short of impactful support beyond traditional business support such as bookkeeping, marketing, sales etc. This fails to appreciate individual needs of people with protected characteristics and how they manage their working lives particularly around health and well-being.

Q5.  What are the specific areas of support needed to enable you to start or grow your business?

Q6.  How can this be achieved?

Topic D:

Providing effective investment, business and specific support in this area will not only reduce the employment gap and improve GDP,  but will have a knock-on effect of reducing the health, social care and welfare budgets in the wake of the inclusive economic growth.

Q7.  Has the use of, or reliance upon, such services lessened once you set up your own business?

Q8.  Do health, wellbeing and sense of purpose improve after setting up your own business?

Please give your answers to these questions some thought before Thursday. It’s always good to have some statistics or specific examples to share. That said, we don’t expect everyone to answer every question – just chip in where you feel you can add the most value.

See you online!

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