Workforce Retention Programme

A Supportive Pathway

Access a comprehensive programme that considers the wider issues in Workforce Retention

As a business leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your organisation keeps up with the changing compliance and regulatory requirements for an inclusive and diverse workplace.

There may be many reasons why your organisation is grappling with workforce retention, from health and wellbeing, to the 'hidden' challenges they face such as maternity; menopause, disabilities (seen & unseen) or caring responsibilities. Employees may take long term unplanned leave, sick leave or they may even feel they have no option but to leave, whether that is voluntary or forced. 

Studies such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs on average 6 to 9 months’ salary. For a manager that may well cost your organisation over half their salary in recruitment and training expenses.


How We Work

Access A Comprehensive Programme for Workforce Retention

We work with you to develop a bespoke Comprehensive Programme to manage workforce retention in your organisation.

As part of the process, we will introduce your team to the concept. We will discuss the legislation, challenges, issues and solutions that we know have worked in similar situations.

This introduction is delivered through a two day workshop consultation which covers:

  • Drivers and Legislation 
  • Business Case with real life examples looking at lost days in work; retraining and recruiting when a member of staff leaves; disclosure policies, and the various policies and processes for take positive action when employees leave.
  • Services and access to finance that can support your organisation 
  • Sessions with experts who share experiences, impacts and advice 
  • User case studies
  • A practical mapping that shows gaps which need to be addressed.
Working With Your Organisation

The Programme is adapted for C-level Executives in corporates and larger organisations, as well as SMEs and Middle Management. 

After successfully completing the introductory workshop, we invite your organisation to access our consultancy programme that covers 

  • Audits on Policy, sickness absence, Occupational Health Referral, Alternative Working Patterns,
  • Review and Refresh Policies and Processes across all functions
  • Internal Training
  • Train the Trainer

We develop an Action Plan with Middle Management and SMEs for deployment across functions and sectors.

Your organisation will also be able to access our Pathway Framework with digital and online practical workbooks as well as tools and methodologies with which to meet the milestones set within your specific action plans.

As an organisation, you can purchase an annual package of licenses that allows your staff to work through the workbooks in their own time.

We can continue to work your organisation, providing them with bespoke coaching, as and when they need it on their journey through the Pathway.

We can also train identified leaders to be able to roll out the Pathway throughout the organisation.

Speak to us to understand how our flexible packages work.

Unique Insights

Jacqueline Winstanley has developed the Workforce Retention and Pathway Programmes based on her unique perspectives and insights. She is an acknowledged driver and leader for change, and her material is developed from a position of lived experiences and expertise.

The Programmes have been implemented in various organisations in both public and private sectors, and have achieved good results across sectors and business functions.

Jacqueline will suggest concepts and development that apply in your particular situation.

She has evidence-backed policies, frameworks and programmes that she can help you introduce to your organisation and implement with your mangement team.

Her work has resulted in auditable sectors in terms of increased staff retention and an increase in disabled footfall. Her programmes are recommended as good practice from national institutions such as OFSTED among others.

Read More about Jacqueline's work here.

Our Impact

When we worked with Ability Today, we developed a programme of support for the Chair and the organisation.

"I have been working with Jacqueline since 2015 and we have built up a strong working relationship over this time.  In this time, she has helped me develop the brand of Disability Today and kept me focused on my core objectives, driving the social enterprise forward and helping with our social impact objectives. 

Jacqueline has been instrumental in coaching me and helping me deliver a clear strategy of our aims and goals to help the disabled community.  She is a key influencer in this area and has become a well-respected figure within the third sector.  Universal Inclusion is helping us all deliver a more inclusive world."

E SDG logo without UN emblem square RGB 1024x606Our work is fully aligned with meeting the 2030 Agenda and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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