striving to create an inclusive world where we design for difference not adapt for it

At Universal Inclusion, we have a love for humanity and an absolute commitment to reducing inequalities in the world we live in and we lead the way in making the world a much more inclusive and accessible place. Over the last few years, led by Jacqueline Winstanley BSc Hons, we have hosted, organized and participated in spectacular, international, ground-breaking events.

From the UN in New York to Windsor in the UK, we have brought to life our values and beliefs, sharing concepts, thought leadership and innovative inclusive frameworks through such events, forums and gatherings.

Specifically in the UK, Universal Inclusion was host and organizer of three international gatherings which included two gala charity events.

Raising The Roof 2017 was a glittering fund-raising concert which honored the winners of the International Council for the Caring Communities (ICCC) International Student Design Competition and supported the Fellows and Future Architectural Leaders. It had a spectacular line-up of musical talent and showcased in the sumptuous Concert Room at the Grade 1 listed UK landmark—St George’s Hall in Liverpool.

Opening Up The Creative Space Seminar and Raising The Roof 2018 Gala Concert, also held at St George’s Hall, were two seminal events which brought together thought-leadership and participants from across cultures, arts and architectural fields. The events were attended by representatives from architects, city planners, NGOs, entrepreneurs, private and public businesses to artistes, performers and individuals who face barriers to access space.

The events were held in partnership with the ICCC and Liverpool City Council in support of the ICCC International Student Design Competition Fellowships and were supported by our like-minded partners and collaborators that included Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Courage and Sparkle, Disability Today, Disability Rights UK, Evermore Wellbeing, Gooseberry Pink, Jigsaw Medical, LMA Liverpool, Liverpool City Council, Market Accents, Merseyside Woman of the Year (MWOTY), Pink Shoe Club, Soundtrack Recording Studios and St George’s Hall.

This time, we are taking the conversation to a different level: an EXPO that will be a platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. It will increase the visibility for artists, creative, individuals and businesses who seek access to markets for their product or service, or for those innovating in this area.

They will be joined by experts, academia, policy-makers and politicians, who will also participate in debates. Universal Inclusion will include outcomes from these discussions in white papers and policy-changing documents which will be discussed with policy and decision makers.

The EXPO will be followed by a VIP reception and another amazing Music Spectacular.

Music has always transcended boundaries and brought people together, and as per our tradition, our performers will represent a spectrum of geographic origins, musical styles, and ages.

All our events support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We hope that you are inspired by our work in universal inclusion and support us by partnering with us or sponsoring our activities in part of whole.

Such an association provides you with a fantastic opportunity to show your commitment towards humanity and an accessible inclusive and integrated future.