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Increasing equality of access to life’s opportunities

Universal Inclusion is leading the way in making the world a much more accessible place, one where everyone feels included. Our ethos reflects the many ways as a society we can collectively and individually change not only our own, but other people's lives, for the better - often by making simple changes to the way we do things.

We uphold the social model of disability and recognise the role each and every one of us has to play in creating a Diverse and Inclusive Society.  We can introduce you to the law and its implications, as well as draw attention to practical common sense which  we should all put in place, just because it’s the right thing to do.

We inspire creativity, challenge perception and facilitate change. Our credentials speak for themselves and our results are nationally acclaimed.

Universal Inclusion was founded by Jacqueline Winstanley Bsc Hons, global disruptor, Author and Public Speaker. It is rooted in her deeply held and proven conviction to do what is possible to increase the equality of access to life’s opportunities for everyone.

Our Work and Services

We develop and implement solutions to barriers which prevent access to life's opportunities, alongside organisational change frameworks and pathways to inclusive working practice.

Our Services are comprehensive and inclusive and we work with corporates, businesses and individuals from across all industries and walks of life.
We also develop thought leadership and share knowledge through our advisory and board positions and work with Governments, NGOs and international organisations.

Working Spaces

Working places that are designed to be inclusive and to meet the needs of the diversity of people who want to use them will naturally bring out the best in the people who spend time in them. They should not be an afterthought, but included in the overall strategy. They are essential if we are to create a fair society and a sustainable future. Is your organisation an inclusive place?

Thought Leadership

Public Speaking & publications, Non Executive Directorships (NED)

We continuously study and research areas which are of interest and directly related to our aims.

We regularly share and publish our thought leadership in the forms of white papers, which are presented to international and national organisations and local government, and across our social media.


Inclusive Economic Growth is crucial in both reducing intergenerational poverty and increasing GDP. Inclusive places work better for everybody - whether they are offices, shops or any other type of business. An inclusive approach enhances business growth, employee health and wellbeing. We are renowned for our solutions in increasing growth in this area. And it is not always as costly as you might imagine. It simply means being more aware and using smart thinking and common sense to make your business accessible and inclusive to all who work there, use your services or work collaboratively with you.  Speak to us today to understand the benefits.

Other Initiatives

We are involved in a number of international initiatives organised by our own organisations and those of our partners, such as Fluidity UK and The Inclusive Entrepreneur, where Jacqueline is committed to the global development of Inclusive Cities & Societies -  especially within the workplace - and access to services. She does this by collaborating to raise awareness and effect change and by communicating at all levels internationally on innovation in this area.

Training & Coaching 

Inclusive environments are welcoming to everyone.  They are flexible and responsive; intuitive to use and offer choices when a single solution cannot meet everyone's needs. We work with you to train, coach and provide you with tools and knowledge to develop such environments. We also help you to seek practical solutions that can make a real difference.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We partner and collaborate with international organisations and NGOs, both in the UK, the US and globally.  These organisations include the International Council of Caring Communities - the ICCC - Pink Shoe and the UK Economic Blueprint, which will enable women to achieve their maximum potential and participate fully in the UK's economic growth.


At Universal Inclusion, we believe in bringing our values and beliefs to life through spectacular, international, ground-breaking events.

Join us as we celebrate diversity and inclusion and bring together influential, business and industry leaders, drivers and supporters, friends and guests to enjoy spectacular cultural and leadership events with a difference.

Why our clients and partners like working with us

Call to Action

We are global disruptors, working to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of abilities.  No one should be left behind.  Find out how you and your organisation can benefit and be part of this paradigm shift.